I'm Not Supporting Companies like Doordash

I just wanted to weigh in after seeing this article on Medium: An Open Letter from Tech Workers to Doordash. As a (former) user of Doordash I feel like an idiot. I would frequently tip extra because I'm not ordering very much (and therefore the tip is relatively small), or perhaps due to bad weather or just because I'm in a good mood.

Per the article:

The way it works: DoorDash guarantees drivers a minimum payment for each delivery, but use tips to fulfill that minimum. If a user tips more, it doesn’t mean the worker gets paid more. DoorDash just pays less. The driver often won’t benefit from the tip at all, but can’t tell — DoorDash doesn’t disclose how much a user tipped on a given job.

This is the most weasely behavior ever. This is the equivalent to a boss taking money from their workers tip jars. I guess I was naive in thinking that, because Lyft and Uber disclose that "100% of this tip is for your driver," that it was default behavior for these kinds of services. I was wrong.

Anyways as a tech worker I'm not supporting this crap. The list of massive tech companies to blacklist for moral reasons is growing bigger and bigger.