Kimberly Randall, a Psychopathic Psychotherapist


Apologies for the non-programming related topic but I felt the strong need to report on this.

On my daily doomscrolling of X, formerly Twitter (but I will use both interchangeably), I got to experience this wonderful interaction between normal person Belinda Spurlock (@yourillus1onist) and deranged, alleged psychotherapist Kimberly Randall. It started innocently enough over a conversation about mulch of all things:

Original post about mulch

As you can see, during this conversation about mulch, alleged therapist Kimberly Randall inserted snarkily inserted herself in. Is barking at someone a normal thing to do? No, it's not. You know what's even less normal? What Kimberly Randall decides to do next:

Kimberly Randall makes fun of Belinda's dead brother, the first time

The backstory here is that Belinda lost her brother Kendall about a year ago. An enraged Kimberly Randall decided it would be a good idea to go through Belinda's Facebook profile, find that she had lost her brother Kendall, and then taunt her through messenger about it.

Deranged Kimberly Randall didn't stop there. She commented this on a post about Kendall:

Kimberly Randall's comment about Kendall

Flailing and insane Kimberly Randall mocks a women's dead brother, asking if she thinks about how he is "rotting in the cold ground." This is truly despicable behavior from anyone. But the story doesn't end there: Kimberly Randall is, or possibly was, a licensed psychotherapist. Her LinkedIn profile is now deleted but shows that she does offer psychotherapy services.

If you're researching whether to take up therapy services with Kimberly Randall, I would ask yourself if this is really the kind of person you want to interact with, let alone take life advice from.